Customer Service

Furniture and Mattress Returns & Exchanges

What is the return policy for furniture and mattresses?

To review our full return policy, please click here .

How do I request a return for my furniture or mattress purchase?

For furniture, please contact Bloomingdale's Customer Service at 1.800.323.7857 within the three day preference period.

For mattresses, please notify your sales associate, who will arrange for pick up of your mattress and assist you with your reselection within the one year preference period.

What can I do if I have been authorized to exchange my furniture but it has been discontinued?

To discuss available options¸ please contact your sales associate or call Bloomingdale’s at 1.866.593.2540 during business hours.

Is there a fee to exchange furniture or mattresses?

While there is no fee to exchange furniture or mattresses, your exchange must be authorized by Bloomingdale’s Customer Service. You can contact Customer Service at 1.800.323.7857 during business hours.

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