Customer Service

Upgrade to a Bloomingdale's American Express Account

Q: Is there a fee to upgrade?
A: No. There is no fee to upgrade to the Bloomingdale's American Express ® Card.

Q: What additional ways can I use my Bloomingdale's American Express Card?
A: With the Bloomingdale's American Express Card, you'll get the same great benefits you get now, plus your Bloomingdale's American Express Card can be used at millions of places worldwide where American Express Cards are welcome.

Q: If I accept this upgrade offer, can I still use my current Bloomingdale's Credit Card?
A: You may continue to use your current Bloomingdale's Credit Card until your new Bloomingdale's American Express Card arrives in your mailbox. Once you receive your new Card, your current Card will no longer be valid and should be destroyed.

Q: What happens to my Bloomingdale's Credit Card account balance and account number?
A: Any existing account balance will be transferred to your Bloomingdale's American Express Card. You will be assigned a new account number. If you have a promotional balance, the terms of your promotion, including the expiration, will not change.

Q: Will my Loyalty level and points balance be linked to my new Bloomingdale's American Express card?
A: Yes, your Loyalty Level and points balance will link to your new Bloomingdale's American Express Card.

Q: What changes will be made to my Bloomingdale's Credit Card access at
A: If you service your account online, you can continue to manage your Credit Card account, check your balance, make online payments, and set up account alerts at using your existing login ID and password.

Q: How will my Bloomingdale's Credit Card account be reported to the credit bureaus?
A: Your Bloomingdale's Credit Card account will be automatically replaced on your credit report with your new Bloomingdale's American Express Card account number. Your account history and original account open date will remain the same.

Q: Will the issuance of a Bloomingdale's American Express Card affect my credit report?
A: Because the Bloomingdale's American Express Card replaces an existing account on your credit report, it will not change the number of open accounts on your report. However, we can't say what impacts this replacement will have because how you use and manage your credit accounts can impact your credit score.