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Store Purchases Help & FAQs

Can I look up my store purchases online?
Yes. If you have a account, save any credit cards you use at Bloomingdale's stores in your bWallet. All purchases made on those cards after October 12, 2018 will be visible in your purchase history.

Which store purchases are shown in my online Purchase History?
Once the credit cards you use to make store purchases are saved in your bWallet, you will see those purchases in your Purchase History. Store purchases will be displayed dating back to October 12, 2018.

Can I look up my store returns online?
Yes, as long as you have saved the credit cards you used to make your store purchases in your bWallet, you'll be able to see a record of all in-store returns dating back to October 12, 2018. Your Purchase History is a summary of purchases and returns. Purchase Details displays item and activity details for each specific transaction date.

Does my Purchase History show the same information as my store receipt?
The information displayed on the receipt you receive in store includes full details of your entire transaction. The information displayed in your Purchase History is a summary of the transaction, including items purchased and returned.

How do I search online for an item I saw at a Bloomingdale's store?
There are multiple ways to locate items you see in Bloomingdale's stores. Although offers a large selection of items, not everything in store is available online.

  • On the top right of the Bloomingdale's home page, you will find a search field. Enter the item name or a short description of the item into the search field and click the magnifying glass symbol to begin the search.
  • To see if an item sold online is available at your local Bloomingdale's store, look under the PICK UP IN STORE tab. This tab can also be used to browse items exclusively sold in stores.
  • If you'd like to re-buy an item you've previously purchased in a store, you can check your Purchase History. Items that are available to purchase online will display a BUY AGAIN button.

Are there any types of purchases not included in my Purchase History?
Orders for shipments placed over the phone or in store by an associate, including most furniture and mattress purchases, are not able to be displayed within your Purchase History.

What if I return an online purchase to a store?
If you return an online order to a store, the return will be displayed in both your online order history and your store purchase history.

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