Customer Service

Create & Manage Your Registry
How do I create my registry?

If you have already created a profile, the following steps will guide you in creating your registry. (If you have not yet created a profile, you can do so click here.)

  1. Click here to create your registry.
  2. From this page, you can click "Get Started" to create your Registry
  3. Enter the email address and password you created for your account
  4. Enter your event details
  5. Click "Register"

Once completed, your registry will be available to shop in stores immediately and in about an hour online.

How do I update my wedding or gift registry, including change my password, shipping address, or personal information after I set it up?

You may change all of this and more online through your Registry Manager.  To sign in, click here.   Once you have signed in, you will notice the toggle Settings in your Registry information header line.  Be sure to click on the "SAVE CHANGES" button when finished making any changes.

What if I want to add more items to my registry?

To add items to your registry online, please sign into your registry on, or use our app to browse for items and click the Add to Registry button. You can also visit a Bloomingdale's store near you, where a Gift Registry Concierge or Sales Professional can assist you with changes in your selections.

What if I want to edit/delete items on my registry?

To edit quantities or to delete items from your registry, please sign into your registry on, or use our app. Use the My gifts header to pull up the items from your Preference list and click the EDIT button on the item you want to update. A window will open allowing you to change the requested quantity or to delete the item.

When updating the requested quantity, make sure to click on the SAVE CHANGES button after changing quantity.

To delete an item, click on the REMOVE button and follow additional prompt to reconfirm your wish to delete item from your Registry.

How many items should be on my Wedding Registry?

We make registering easy; our gift calculator, found on your Registry Manager home page, helps couples decide how many gifts to put on their wedding registry based on the number of guests attending the occasion.

Can I sync my Bloomingdales Registry to a universal registry?

In order to sync to a universal registry, your Bloomingdales registry must be set to Public so that it can be identified.

How can I keep track of my gifts and thank you notes?

Use the Gift Tracker tool, which provides a list of items that your guests have purchased. Use the check boxes to track what gifts you have received and the guests to whom you've sent thank you notes. Additionally, you can see all purchase information, including guest information, gift note, tracking and current delivery information by signing into your Registry and clicking on the Gift tracker header on your Registry Manager Home Page.

Why haven't I received the items showing as purchased on my registry?
  • Your guest may want to personally deliver the gift to you and haven't yet done so.
  • The item may have recently shipped and still be in transit.
  • The item is backordered and has yet to be shipped.

If you supplied us with an email when you registered, you'll receive notification when items are backordered. (Please make sure your spam filter is off and that you add to your address book as a trusted address.) Please make sure to check your Gift Tracker and if you have further questions, please contact your dedicated Gift Registry Concierge.

How I update my registry if I have received items that were not purchased at Bloomingdale's?

Please sign into your registry to update your list and edit Requested Qty.

How Do I Remove My Registry?

For assistance with removing your registry, please contact your dedicated Registry Concierge directly. You can easily connect with them by signing into your Registry and clicking on the Contact toggle found in your Registry header line or by clicking on Chat found within the GET ONE-ON-ONE GUIDANCE box located on your Registry Home Page.