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Additional help for changes related to credit servicing

Important changes that may impact you. Please review the following FAQs:

Why can't I edit or cancel my payment online?

You may not be able to edit or cancel your arrangement due to recent upgrades with our online payment system. If you are unable to edit a payment online, please contact us by calling 1.888.257.6762.

  • Monday-Saturday 9:00AM-9:00PM ET
  • Sunday 11:00AM-8:00PM ET

How long will it take for the payment I made online to be applied to my account?

Payments may take up to 3 days to appear on your account but will be applied to your account with the payment date you selected online.

I have set up automatic payments. Will my automatic payment arrangement change?

If you have an existing automatic payment, it will remain the same.

Please note, however, that in connection with recent system changes, your payment due date may have moved by a few days. Please refer to your statement for information regarding your new due date. You can also refer to the chart below for the payment due date changes that take effect September, 2015.

If your payment due date is impacted, please be aware that this will also change the date that your automatic payment will process if you requested your payment be processed on a date that corresponds to your old due date. If your payment due date is impacted and you chose a payment date for your automatic payments other than your old due date, we will continue to process your automatic payment on the date you specified. In some instances, this may be later than your new due date, which may result in late payments on your account. Please call us or log in to your account online to change the date your automatic payment will process.

Current Payment Due Date

New Payment Due Date



















Please note, if your current payment due date is not in the above chart, your payment due date will remain the same.

I currently have multiple accounts, what should I do?

If you have multiple accounts, here are a few things you need to know:

  • If you log in to with multiple email addresses and passwords, you are now required to use only one for credit servicing.
  • Please make sure when you set up your new online credit account, you log in to the account you wish to use to service your Bloomingdale's Credit Card.

I have a joint account, how will I be impacted?

Both primary and secondary cardholders will be able to access the credit account online.

  • Both the primary and secondary cardholders will be required to verify their information and setup security questions before servicing the account.
  • Only one email address will receive "Your Online Statement is Ready" notifications. However, both cardholders can enter an email address to receive all other alerts.

*Please note, authorized buyers cannot service the credit account online.

Will I still receive my statements the same as I do today ?

Yes. There are two different ways that you can receive a copy of your statement. Your statement preference remains the same as it was prior to August 27, 2015. Your options are:

  • To receive paper statements via U.S. mail.
  • An email notification to inform you that your statement is available to view online.

Interested in going paperless? Click here to learn how to enroll in paperless statements and letters.