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About Bloomingdale's Corporate Gift Cards

How do I check the balance of my Bloomingdale's Corporate Gift Card?

Use our online tool to check your Gift Card balance.

How do I place an order for Bloomingdale's Corporate Gift Cards?

Please speak with a Corporate Account Executive by calling Corporate Services at 1-866-61BLOOM or by e-mailing [email protected] .

Does Bloomingdale's offer discounts for bulk Gift Card orders?

Yes. D iscounts are available for Corporate clients purchasing bulk Gift Card orders over $1,500. For more details, please call the number above.

What are the terms and conditions associated with Bloomingdale's Corporate Gift Cards?

Bloomingdale's Gift Cards are redeemable only for merchandise and in-store services at Bloomingdale's and They may not be redeemed for cash (except as required by law) or applied as payment or credit to any credit card account. Bloomingdale's cards may be purchased as a gift or given in place of issuing a credit to a credit card or a proof of purchase return from another payment method. Returns may be applied to Bloomingdale's card. Card receipts will show any remaining balance. Protect the card: the bearer is responsible if it is lost or stolen. Lost or stolen cards will only be replaced with proof of purchase and only for the value shown on Bloomingdale's records.

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If you need assistance, please call Customer Service at 1-866-612-5666. Your Gift Card number is required for all inquiries.